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...If you are interested in more information about an online chapter, would like to join an online chapter, or make up attendance with an online chapter, please email Karen Ing...The Yardstick is available ...Yardstick is Online Year Round...

The Forms Online are being worked on.  PDFs

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Note: You can belong to an online chapter and land chapter at the same time, so you are welcome to inquire about joining by using the forms on the mobile Beta Journal website.  The YARDSTICK  for 2023-2024 updated by May 16, 2024  

The Right Place to Be- 2024 -2025 THEME

EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS FROM INTERNATIONAL - Only The Torch notification is emailed to one person per chapter starting with the corresponding secretary and all members-at-large. Other emails may go to different officers.

CONVENTION HOSTESSES - ATTN: Any city holding a convention in 2024, please check the list on the Website to see if your convention is listed. If it isn't, it's because we don't have your information. In order for it to be listed we need at least the date, and location, we really need the information sheet so we can give information to members who call us for contacts. The convention information sheet is on our downloads page, you can download it, fill it in and mail, fax or scan and email it to us that way you'll get coverage available at any time on our website. We do not post contact information to protect your privacy but any member can call or email us and we can give it to them if we have it! The invitations committee meets in late January, early February to make the guest decisions for that year, if we don't have your request, you have less chance of getting your choice of guest. We can only send guests to conventions of 200 or more but we do have a drawing for the smaller conventions and the winner will receive a guest. Please help us out to have your information ready for the sisters to look up! Thanks. Laura 

DISASTER RELIEF FUND Consider having your chapter donate to the International Disaster Relief Fund as Funds have been depleted due to Hurricanes, Fires, Earthquakes, and Floods. https://bspinternational.org/member_home.php



Amazon - Book of Ritual (for Kindle)

Amazon - Book of Ritual (for Nook)

These are our print-on-demand line of books, which are available directly from Amazon
(Do not call International's Gift Department to order these).

The large print edition of the Book of Ritual is now available! You can order it directly here:
Amazon - Book of Ritual

The large print edition of Invitation to Life is now available!   You can order it directly here:
Amazon - Invitation to Life listing.

The large print Book of Beta Sigma Phi is now available!  You can order it directly here:
Amazon - Book of Beta Sigma Phi listing.

Think - Family, Sisters, Extending Friendship, Building Chapters Online and in Land Chapters! See the Friendship and Share the Connection using YouTube


*It is IMPERATIVE that  ALL Recording Secretaries RETURN the blue Record Review form with NEW OFFICERS if you haven't already!  This form is how officers are coded.  Even if there is no change in officers please send form with officers indicated!  Thank you for your help.

Submit the chapter/council MINUTES  online on the International website Beta Sigma Phi

*TORCH FACEBOOK GROUP: Are you on Facebook? If so, search for The Torch of Beta Sigma Phi Facebook group and join us!


Internationally-sanctioned Facebook page --- This page features official updates, deadlines, and content from our social media team. We hope that this will be an incredible platform to showcase our sisterhood. In addition to a new Facebook page, we will be asking any interactive groups/pages related to Beta Sigma Phi (excluding chapter, council, state, and province pages) to change their audience from public to private. Guidelines for these situations are below. This is simply a precaution we would like to take in keeping our traditions, rituals, and sisterhood private.  Here is the URL: https://www.facebook.com/Beta-Sigma-Phi-International-139873326684812/ 


The Strawberry Patch Pledge Training will reflect the additional information regarding the Torchbearer Degree and On Line Chapters. Please include this information with your current pledge training.

Legacy Chapter

Legacies must be 18 years of age and older to join. Send an e-mail to Karen if interested. (The pledge ritual can be done on line if you cannot find a land chapter to perform the ritual. Pledge training is all done on line if needed.)

Important information about Tax forms: (betasigmaphi.org) Some chapters have questions about our tax status. Beta Sigma Phi is not a tax exempt organization. Most chapters do not make enough to interest the IRS, and what chapters do make they spend on deductible expenses. BSP does not need to fill out the 990 form as that is for TAX EXEMPT organizations, If you have questions as to whether your chapter or council should file tax forms, please contact a local tax consultant.

Who must file the IRS Form 990-N (e-postcard)? Federal tax-exempt organizations with gross receipts that are normally less than $25,000 per year must file the Form 990-N e-postcard. Local chapters of Beta Sigma Phi are not federal tax-exempt organizations, therefore, they are not required to file Form 990-N (e-postcard). For more information, including a list of entities required to file the e-postcard, click on the following link: http://www.irs.gov/charities/article/0,,id=225889,00.html?portlet=7

Yardstick 2023-2024 is available on line for submission to International with new updates for 2023-2024 You are welcome to submit the Yardstick at any time. Remember: The yardstick is on line year round for your convenience. 2023-2024 Yardstick is available: May 16, 2024

The Beta Journal is connected to Facebook and Twitter in order to update you and others on our current events, discussions and happenings. Follow us on Facebook and look for our tweets on Twitter. If you would like me to be a friend or neighbor, just let me know you are sister.

Don't Forget Breast Cancer Awareness
Susan G. Komen for the Cure

Thank you for your support and come again.

Karen M. Ing, Editor

You will need your member number and E-mail address in order to get into the Beta Sigma Phi MEMBERS ONLY area Beta Sigma Phi INTL
The On Line Gift Ordering (Complete with Colored Photos) is available to easily select your items and place your orders Gifts

Click Here for Program Outlines (you will need your member number and e-mail address to access the searchable form ) - available online on the International site to download and save to your computer files for those sisters needing to update their binders! You no longer need to send a request to the Office to order the programs in hard copy via mail

Yes! The RSS Feed is available at the bottom of this page.

If you happen to be going down memory lane, note that past mascots included: Rose the Bear, Lady Sunshine the Canadian Rabbit, Cinnamon and Peppermint Stix - Bears, Millenium Dawn and Surfer Dude - Ducks, Penelope and Mud Pie Pork Pigs, Panama Pete the Dog, Hal, Holly, Harriet and Henry Moose Family Friends (2010-2012).


On Line Chapters »


In 1996 members began to use the Internet to expand connections between Beta Sigma Phi sisters. They talked and shared ideas then asked International if they could try to create chapters online.

International agreed to have Online chapters formed as an experiment to determine if Online chapters could really work and what formats the members preferred. The Online chapters operated for nearly 10 years in an experimental form.

In 2005, Online chapters were recognized officially, allowing members who belonged to them but were not members of an existing “land” chapter to receive degree credit for their online participation. International also allowed each Online chapter to decide if they wished to be an official chapter or just a social chapter. At this time we have a mix of both officially recognized Online chapters and social Online chapters.

By being official, Online chapters follow the rules and regulations of Beta Sigma Phi. However, due to their uniqueness of having members from all over the world participating in these chapters, additional rules have been set up to cover their special needs.

1. Full members of Online chapters are those who belong only to an Online chapter.
2. Members who are active with “land” chapters shall be virtual members of their Online chapters. They do not receive degree credit for their Online chapter participation however these meetings will count as a make up meeting for their “land” chapter.
3. Online chapters must hold programs in order to be accredited chapters. They should have 18 programs per year if possible but no fewer than 12 per year.
4. Rituals may be held online but whenever possible, formal and in person Rituals should be held.
5. Online chapters may pledge members directly into their chapters and pledge train those members through online meetings.
6. Online chapters are held to the same rules as all chapters of Beta Sigma Phi with the addition of those necessary to cover their special online circumstances.
7. Online chapters will send their chapter minutes and chapter monthly reports to International by mail or fax as any other Beta Sigma Phi Chapter.
8. Online chapters will not have degree designation but will be multi degree chapters. Members wanting to use jewelry designating their chapters should pick their own degree unless a special Online chapter form is available.
9. We strongly urge Online chapters not to hold treasuries due to possible oversight. If chapters wish to do large service projects, we suggest members send the money directly to the entity with the notation that it is part of the Online chapter project.

The addition of Online chapters has been a wonderful experience for our members and one we feel will only grow in the future.

From the 2004 edition of “The Book of Beta Sigma Phi” Page 53 & Courtesy of Beta Sigma Phi International

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